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Ice Maker Woes in Tupelo

Posted on: May 15th, 2019   Topic: Uncategorized

Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning, making your way to the kitchen for that morning cup of coffee, and stepping in sloshy, wet carpet! This was the case with a recent customer of ours located in the Thomas Street area of Tupelo. The main line to their ice maker had failed during the night, and leaked water flooded the kitchen and surrounding rooms of the home.
Not Fun!

They called us at 5 AM frantic, as you can imagine. We instructed them to turn off the water and arrived within an hour. The flooded flooring types included tiled kitchen flooring, hardwood floors, and carpeting in a neighboring room.

We first placed sensors and took meter readings to determine the level of moisture in affected areas of the home. Once we determined the affected areas and extent of moisture in each one, we began extraction right away.

Because the leak was not noticed immediately (very common), water was everywhere. Not only had it penetrated into baseboards, sub-flooring, and padding, but the water had also saturated the wood flooring.

Using weighted tools to push the water out, extractors, and equipment to dry and dehumidify the carpet and flooring we were able to achieve our drying goal within 4 ½ days. Our bill was submitted directly to the insurance company giving the customer a hassle-free experience.

Beware of Water Restoration DIY

Often when water damage occurs, it is tempting to try to clean up the water yourself. This is very risky because in addition to the flooding that you see, moisture from the flooding leaks down into areas that towels and some equipment cannot reach. When these areas aren’t dried because the homeowner doesn’t have the equipment to find hidden moisture and mitigate it, this lingering water and moisture will lead to mold and rot down the road.

The use of specialized sensors and meters allow a water restoration expert to determine the moisture levels in all areas your home; protecting your health and investment.

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