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Have you ever experienced that embarrassing moment when someone enters your home and asks “What’s that smell?” Many sources of odors in our houses, business, or cars are extremely difficult to remove. Conventional products purchased in stores only mask the smell, and the odor eventually returns. Odors that are embedded in locations that conventional cleaning cannot reach not only create a persistent, unpleasant smell but can also make the air unhealthy and cause health problems.

At Absolute Cleaning and Restoration, our technicians are certified and trained in the latest odor removal techniques and use professional products that are on the leading edge of odor removal technology. We can eliminate odors such as:

  • Fire/Smoke Odor Hyperlink to fire page
  • Cigarette Smoke Odor
  • Mold Odor
  • Rodent/Animal (deceased or living) Odor
  • Pet & Pet Urine Odor
  • Biohazard Odor
  • Skunk Odors
  • Sewage Odor
  • Fuel Spill Odors
  • Cooking Odors
  • Unidentified Odors

Our process for odor removal is extremely thorough and includes:

  • Removal of the odor at its source
  • Treatment of contaminated surfaces to remove bacteria & allergens
  • Treating air to remove bacteria & allergens
  • Sealing the area with blocking agents if needed

We have experience in a multitude of odor removal situations, including:

New homeowners who walk into the house they just purchased and want to eliminate the smell that is prevalent in the house from previous owners: garbage, urine, cigarette smoke, etc.

Current homeowners with unexpected or unidentified odor issues

Realtors staging a house with an offensive odor – potential buyers will walk away if a house has a persistent smell

Car dealers who need to get rid of smoke or other odors in a vehicle before listing it for sale

Property managers who have to eliminate odors from the previous tenant before listing an apartment for rent

Odor Removal Services

Absolute Cleaning and Restoration professionals will utilize the latest technology to provide expert, safe odor control services in any environment. We will eliminate the odor at its source, then work on the surrounding areas until they smell clean and fresh again. Technologies employed include:

  • Thermal Fogging
  • ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogging
  • Urine Salt Occupants (for pet odor and pet urine removal)
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment and Processes such as:
    • Enzyme Treatment
    • Hydroxyl Generators
    • Ozone Machines
    • Air filtration Machines (using carbon filters)
  • Absorption Technology
  • Deep Cleaning

If needed we will work with your insurance company to help make the claim process quick and seamless. We document the entire odor removal process, including pictures, and can submit a quote along with supporting data directly to the insurance company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you treat furniture?
Yes, we can treat furniture for odor and stains.
How long will it take?
Most areas can be treated in 12 hours or less, depending on a few factors. Houses with greater than 2000 square feet can take up to 24 hours. Most vehicles can be treated in 2 hours, carpets treated and dry in 3-5 hours.
Do you guarantee your work?
Yes, all of our work is guaranteed. Since each job is different our guarantee will vary based on the services we provide. When we put together your estimate, we will include guarantee information.

Odor Removal Pricing

The prices at Absolute Cleaning and Restoration are extremely competitive for this area. Pricing of each job will depend on many factors which our professional team will assess. Our technicians will respond quickly and give you a detailed estimate for the job, then restore a fresh, clean smell to the area concerned as quickly as possible.

At Absolute Cleaning and Restoration, we know when an embarrassing smell is present you want to call someone you trust. Regardless of the type and extent of odor present, our certified technicians respond quickly and work efficiently to rid the area of odor in a timely manner. Our customers keep coming back to Absolute Cleaning and Restoration because of the quality service we provide at reasonable prices.

Previous clients know that our company truly cares about each of our clients and they continue to recommend us to others. People know we are a locally owned and family run business that will always be here to take care of our customers. Call us at 662-760-4348 to get professional and efficient odor removal services.

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